Preschool Power

Makes Learning So Much Fun!

"Simply the best preschool program that teaches basic skills" -- USA Today

"A fine, look-from learning series with challenging and supportive fun" -- Parents' Choice


Songs? Dancing? Silly Jokes?

And all led by a pack of utterly charming little preschoolers! That's what keeps kids watching. And the more your child watches this multi-award-winning DVD, the faster she'll pick up the vital life skills our little teachers have to show her! Equip your child with useful skills like brushing their teeth, dressing themselves, washing their hands, tying their shoelaces and many more! Improve your child's motor skills while they dance and skip along with the exervise and dance demonstrations.

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Preschool Power Vol 1
Language: English / Mandarin / Cantonese Run Time: 120 Minutes Appropriate for Ag..
Preschool Power Vol 2
Language: English / Mandarin / Cantonese Run Time: 120 Minutes 1 DVD ..