The Beginners Bible

Created to help you share the most important lessons from the greatest stories every told, The Begginer's Bible Series brings the true wonder and joy of the Bible to life. Featuring an original theme sung by Kathie Lee Figgord, memorable songs, vivid animation and heartwarming characters, this series is a delightful new way to introduce young children to the timeless stories of inspiration, courage and faith.

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The Beginners Bible Vol. 1
The Story of Creation Journey back to the beginning of the world as God brings forth the Eart..
The Beginners Bible Vol. 2
The Story of Moses Encounter a time in ancient Egypt when Baby Moses was plucked from the ree..
The Beginners Bible Vol. 3
The Story of Daniel & The Lion's Den Embark on a thrilling journey with Daniel as he is c..
The Beginners Bible Vol. 4
The Story of Jesus & His Miracles When the disciples meet a traveller who refuses to beli..