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Step into Reading - Surprise for Pocoyo
Written by: Christy Webster ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Bob the Builder - Bob the Farmer and Other Stories (VCD)
4 stories: Scoop the Disco Digger Scoop, Jenny and the machines decide to surprise Bob an..
HK$49.00 HK$20.00
Sesame Street - Count It Higher (VCD)
The Count's Count Down Show looks a lot like a certain music video show you might see on TV, but ..
HK$49.00 HK$20.00
Sesame Street - Elmo's World - Happy Holidays! (VCD)
In the first-ever "Elmo's World" holiday special, Elmo is gearing up to celebrate Christmas. But ..
HK$49.00 HK$20.00
Children's Picture Dictionary
This picture dictionary is packed with essential English and Chinese terms children need to know ..
HK$168.00 HK$100.00
DK ‒ A-level Physics (PC)
System Requirements: ■ Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP ■ Pentium 75MHz processor■ 32MB R..
HK$129.00 HK$70.00
Step into Reading - Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat - Cooking With The Cat
Written by: Bonnie Worth Illustrated by: Christopher Moroney ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading - Shampoodle
Written by: Joan Holub Illustrated by: Tim Bowers ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading - Paul Revere's Ride
Written by: Shana Corey Illustrated by: Chris O'Leary ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading - Little Lucy
Written by: Ilene Cooper Illustrated by: John Kanzler ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading - First Kids
Written by: Gibbs Davis Illustrated by: Sally Wern Comport ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading - The Titanic Lost ... And Found
Written by: Judy Donnelly Illustrated by: Keith Kohler ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
I am Going to Read - Where Are We Going?
Where are we going?  Find out while going over; under; around, and through to find a big sur..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
I Can Read! - Biscuit's Big Friend
Sam is Biscuit's newest friend.  Biscuit wants to do everything that Sam does.  But it ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
I am Going to Read - Green Boots Blue Hair Polka-Dot Underwear
What would you like to wear?  A red cowboy hat, a blue baseball cap, a green ski cap, or a c..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00