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Mr. Quiet
By Roger Hargreaves ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Bob the Builder - Muck's Convoy and Other Stories (VCD)
4 stories: Muck’s Convoy Bob’s built a new waterwheel for the old watermill. He needs Ben..
HK$49.00 HK$20.00
Sesame Street - Don't Cry, Big Bird and Other Stories (VCD)
Come on down to the Furry Arms, and see how much fun it is to count 3 frisky puppies, 6 hungry pe..
HK$49.00 HK$20.00
Sesame Street - Cookie Monster's Best Bites (VCD)
Welcome to song-filled, smile-making, simply scrumptious video starring everyone's favorite "Sesa..
HK$49.00 HK$20.00
Edmark ‒ Sammy's Science House (PC/Mac)
Introduce Young Students To Important Early Science And Thinking Skills Sammy helps you..
HK$98.00 HK$60.00
Letts: KS2 ‒ Maths (PC)
System Requirements: ■ Windows 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0 SP6, 2000 SP2, XP ■ 166MX processor or high..
HK$129.00 HK$70.00
Step into Reading - Unicorn Wings
Written by: Mallory Loehr Illustrated by: Pamela Silin-Palmer ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading-math - A Dollar For Penny (A Math Reader)
Written by: Dr. Julie Glass Illustrated by: Joy Allen ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading - Gulliver In Lilliput
Adapted by: Lisa Findlay Illustrated by: Antonio Javier Caparo ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Step into Reading - Little Witch Goes To School
Written by: Deborah Hautzig Illustrated by: Sylvie Wickstrom ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
I am Going to Read - Can You Play?
Stella calls Sam to see if he can play, but he's busy.  But Buffy is free!  Join Stella..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
I Can Read! - Just A Little Sick
Little Critter is excited about his day off from school!  He's just a little sick, so he pla..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
An I Can Read Book - I Saw You In The Bathtub And Other Folk Rhymes
Here are forty rhymes that thave been passed from person to person all over the world - all guara..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Penguin Young Readers - Madeline And Her Dog
Madeline's dog takes a bath and then ... she gets dirty all over again!  Will that dog ever ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00