Bob the Builder - Ballroom Bob and Other Stories (VCD)

Bob the Builder - Ballroom Bob and Other Stories (VCD)
Bob the Builder - Ballroom Bob and Other Stories (VCD) Bob the Builder - Ballroom Bob and Other Stories (VCD)
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5 stories:

Ballroom Bob

Bob has been making secret early morning trips to the school where Mrs. Percival has been giving him salsa lessons, as he wants to impress everybody at the town dance that night. Mr. Bentley calls Bob and tells him that because of the hot weather, the town hall will be too stuffy and that the dance must be held in one of Farmer Pickles’ Fields.

Pilot Spud

Bob is installing an antique fireplace for Mrs. Percival. He goes to JJ’s yard to collect it and finds JJ playing with his new model aeroplane. Bob then heads to Mrs. Percival’s and starts to knock out the old fireplace – the fastidious Mrs. Percival has covered her old furniture in dust sheets.

Mr. Beasley’s DIY Disaster

Bob is building a lean-to for Mr. Beasley’s allotment. Wendy offers to pick up the materials from JJ’s yard, while Bob makes a start on the cement floor. But before he can leave, Bob gets a call from Mr. Dixon, who needs a hole in his roof fixed urgently.

Inspector Spud

While repairing a burst water pipe in town, Bob turns off the mains with a stop-cock key. However, Spud has wandered into town and is curious when he finds the key. He turns it, and soaks Mr. Bentley, who is supervising the job. Leaving his clipboard, Mr. Bentley goes back to the Town Hall to change.

Scoop’s Stegosaurus

Bob is digging a ditch for Farmer Pickles when he notices something in the trench. Suspecting it might be a dinosaur bone, he rings Mr. Ellis the museum curator. There appears to be an entire stegosaurus skeleton, and Scoop is left at the site with instructions not to let anyone touch the bones.

  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Suitable for ages 2 and above
  • 1 VCD


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