STEP INTO READING  will help your child get there.  The program offers five steps to reading success.  Each step includes fun stories and colorful art.  There are also Step into Reading Sticker Books, Step into Reading Math Readers, Step into Reading Phonics Readers, Step into Reading Write-In Readers, and Step into Reading Phonics Boxed Sets - a complete literacy program with something for every child.

Learning to Read, Step by Step!

  1. Ready to Read      Preschool - Kindergarten
  2. Reading with Help      Preschool - Grade 1
  3. Reading on Your Own      Grades 1 - 3
  4. Reading Paragraphs      Grade 2 - 3
  5. Ready for Chapters      Grade 2 - 4

STEP INTO READING  is designed to give every child a successful reading experience.  The grade levels are only guides.  Children can progress through the steps at their own speed, developing confidence in their reading, no matter what their grade.

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