DK ‒ 20th Century Day by Day (PC)

DK ‒ 20th Century Day by Day (PC)
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Experience every single day of the world's most incredible century. Find out about events that shook the world - and the people that made them happen. The unique 'news screen' format lets you watch history unfold with up-to-the-minute reports, videos, soundbites and pictures. Search for people and places; follow a story through from start to finish; or simply browse through headlines, biographies and overviews that bring history alive. 
Key Features
* There's plenty to explore in the 3D Virtual Newsroom
* Read news items for every single day of the century
* Hear history in the making with archive soundbites and music clips
* Biographies of 110 of the century's most important 'movers and shakers' and celebrities 
There's plenty to explore in the 3D Virtual Newsroom - and clicking in here will take you to some suprising places. 
20th Century In Focus
From the Russian Revolution to the Fall of Communism: events that shaped the modern world are covered in detail, complete with overview videos, animated maps and links to news items.
For all ages

Minimum System Requirements: ■ Windows 98/ME/2000/XP ■ 75MHz Processor ■ 32MB RAM ■ 30MB Free Hard Drive Space ■ 640x480 screen with 256 colours ■ 8-bit sound card + speakers

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