DK ‒ Become a History Explorer (PC)

DK ‒ Become a History Explorer (PC)
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You'll find yourself tested to the limit in this unforgettable adventure, as you try to keep up with the Time Fugitive on your rescue mission. Set in 8 exciting periods of history from Ancient Egypt to a 1920's city, you'll travel along a Time Trail full of challenges and activity adventures. 
Key Features
* Dazzling animations and 3D effects make learning fun
* Interactive games and activities help to develop historical and IT skills
* The History Quiz tests children and helps to reinforce learning
* You'll find easy-to-use search engines and hundreds of pop-up fact boxes 
Educational Benefits
* Supports Key stages 1-2 of the National Cirriculum in England, Wales and Ireland, and the Scottish 5-14 Cirriculum
* Encourages children to find out about significant periods in world history
* Develops a sense of chronology and a broad historical perspective
* Helps children to understand past life and different cultures
* Developed and tested by educational experts!
For Ages 6-10

Minimum System Requirements: ■ Windows 98/ME/2000/XP ■ 133MHz Processor ■ 16MB RAM (128MB for 2000/XP) ■ 640x480 16-bit colour display ■ 8-bit sound card + speakers

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