DK ‒ Bear and Penguin's Big Reading Adventure (PC)

DK ‒ Bear and Penguin's Big Reading Adventure (PC)
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Product Code: BPR-DKY-DVD
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For ages 5-7
Reading has never been so much fun! Take an unforgettable trip to Ice Mountain - home of White Bear and Little Penguin! They will take you through four easy-to-play games, centred around spelling patterns, phonics, sentence construction and reading for pleasure.
Educational Benefits:
* Develops skills and builds confidence with intelligent, self-adjusting software
* Rewards system includes a Bear and Penguin song that provides incentives and positive reinforcement
* Developed with educational consultants, for use in schools or at home
* Printable progress chart gives instant feedback
* Special section for parents and teachers with follow-on worksheets for further activities

Minimum System Requirements: ■ Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP ■ 486DX/33MHz processor or higher ■ 32MB RAM ■ 640x480 256 colours screen ■ 8-bit sound card + speakers

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