Children's Picture Dictionary

Children's Picture Dictionary
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This picture dictionary is packed with essential English and Chinese terms children need to know such as colours, shapes, numbers, family members, vegetable, toys and animals. Every word is accompanied by an illustration.

  • The Children's Picture Dictionary presents over 600 words and phrases within 50 illustrated topics.
  • The lively illustrated pictures show scenes that children often encounter in their daily life.
  • The dialogs use many of the vocabulary words in short, meaningful exchanges.
  • Phonetic symbols and Hanyu Pinyin are included for effective learning of English and Putonghua.
  • Included Alphabet table, Phonetic table, Phonics table, (Phoneme and Grapheme Table) and common spelling, accent and syllable rules
  • Included 300 common sight words (Fry's Sight Words), Verb Table and Adjective Table to build up children's vocabulary bank.
  • With Easy Readable Talking Pen, children can play games, learn English, Cantonese and Putonghua.

本書內容豐富,物超所值。本書有超過 6,000 個聲音效果, 只要您購買了易讀寶點讀筆,就可以免費下載的這個強大的聲音文件易讀寶點讀筆便成為家中的 私人外籍英文老師私人中文老師 及 私人普通話老師 隨地上課而且不限上課時數。 


兒童基礎英漢圖畫字典 - 是易讀寶2014年最新推出的中英文有聲圖書,選取了 50個兒童熟識的生活和學習場景,提供超過 600個詞彙,場景色彩鮮豔。詞彙中英對照並附有英文國際音標及中文普通話音標。


英語讀 英語而點中文時可以讓您選擇以 粵語普通話讀出而且每個人物、動物以至物件都會和您互動每課都有 不同的 互動遊戲 和孩子互動學習有效培養孩子的專注加和聆聽能力和增加學習趣味。



包括英語拼音表 (Phonics) 117個、 常用字詞表(Frys Sight Word300組 、

英語動詞時態表(Verb Table) 145組形容詞表(Adjective Table) 95組











D.《Phonetics Tables》117個


E.《常用字詞表 Sight Words》300組


F.《動詞表 Verb Table》145組


G.《形容詞表 Adjective Table》95組



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