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Tintin Vol. 2
The Blue Lotus Tintin and Snowy travel to Hong Kong where they join forces with a socity dedi..
Vipo Adventures of the Flying Dog Vol 2 - A Swiss Skiing Adventure
A Swiss Skiing Adventure Saving The Empress' Crown Zoo Problems The Kings o..
Chinese Vocab Builder - Volume 3
Build a strong foundation for your child in Mandarin today, with these 3000 Chinese characters to..
HK$49.00 HK$30.00
Fun With Karaoke 3
Language: Chinese Subtitles: Traditional Chinese Approx. Running Time: 42 Minutes..
Guess with Jess Vol. 3 – What do we need to grow beans? & 9 other intriguing explorations
Jess and his friends explore why kites won't fly under certain conditions, how to make music for ..
Mandarin Conversation for Children Vol 3
Language: Mandarin Subtitles: Traditional Chinese / English Run Time: 70 Minutes ..
Milly, Molly Vol 3 - Adventures Of Life
Episodes The Mountain Milly & Molly Go Camping Wind Harry's Mouse ..
Numberjacks Series 2 Vol. 1
Episodes: Ups and Downs On the Move Very Shapely Wee Three, Phone Me ..
Numberjacks Series 2 Vol. 2
Episodes: A Record in the Charts A Close Thing A Circle at Both Ends Ma..
Pocoyo and Friends Series 3
Episodes: Super Pocoyo Elly Spots Up Up and Away A Surprise for Pocoyo ..
Rubi Vol. 3
Episodes: Playing on Swings The Hot Air Balloon Loses Air The Glue Incident ..
Sid The Science Kid - My Shrinking Shoes
Science explorations: My Shrinking Shoes My Ice Pops The Perfect Pancake ..
So Smart! Vol 3 -  Baby's Beginnings - Shapes and Colors
Shapes: Meet Cecil and Circle, Suzie the Square and Traci the Triangle.  They'll introdu..
So Smart! Vol 6 - Baby's First-word Stories - We Go! and Get Dressed
We Go!: In this DVD, So Smart! friends Edward, Iggy, Dee Dee and Larry will first introduce y..