DK ‒ Learning Ladder - Year 5 (PC)

DK ‒ Learning Ladder - Year 5 (PC)
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For ages 9-10 
This is step five of Dorling Kindersley's powerful curriculum-based learning system, developed by experienced teachers. 
What does this disc teach? 
* Punctuation, spelling, sentence construction, vocabulary & audience, understanding grammar, writing for different purposes, improving your writing
* fractions & decimals, percentages, calculation & problem solving, mental calculation, area, volume & perimeter, the properties of shapes, co-ordinates
A 3D interactive learning experience, covering science curriculum topics including:
* life, forces, the Earth in Space, light, sound & heat, materials 
Key Features
* One-to-one lessons
* Practice activities
* Interactive exercises

Minimum System Requirements: ■ Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista ■ Pentium 133MHz processor or higher ■ 48MB RAM for Windows 98/ME, 128MB RAM for 2000/XP, 512MB RAM for Vista ■ 640x480 16-bit colour display ■ 16-bit sound card + speakers ■ CD-ROM drive

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