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Sing Sing Together
4 Books + 4CDs   ..
HK$438.00 HK$370.00
易讀寶Easy-Readbook E9800 8G iPen
E9800 8G iPen㸃讀筆 (Sold Out) 因出版商為製作更多新版點讀教材,已推出功能比㺯E9800 iPen 且性價比高的新版8GB馬騮仔㸃讀筆,將可配..
HK$680.00 HK$495.00
ABC Reader
6 Books + 1 DVD + 1 CD   *Sorry, an english version of the description ..
HK$488.00 HK$300.00
Dear ABC
2 Books + 1 DVD + 1 CD + 1 Poster   *Sorry, an english version of the descri..
HK$588.00 HK$360.00
易讀寶Easy-Readbook Happy Monkey 8GB iPen
8GB馬騮仔點讀筆套裝 -包括:  一支 8GB馬騮仔點讀筆 可點讀 廣東話、英文及普通話 一本1-6歲幼兒認知小百科點讀書 一條USB充電線 一張 字母海報&nb..
HK$448.00 HK$360.00
I Can Read! - Follow Me, Mittens
When Mittens spots a bright yellow butterfly, he wants to follow it - everywhere! ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
I Can Read! - The Berenstain Bears Out West
Yee-ha!  The Bear family is flying over rivers and mountains to get to Uncle Tex's ranch. &n..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Penguin Young Readers - Princess For A Day
Today Jessie is a princess - Princess Jessica! She makes a crown.  She chooses a dress. ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Mr. Funny
By Roger Hargreaves ..
HK$38.00 HK$32.00
Top 100 Kindergarten (3-CD Set)
Learning             Songs Every Kid Can   &..
HK$169.00 HK$120.00